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Terms & Conditions

  •  As a general definition, MiamiPlus1 is acting as a service provider, register seller of travel in under reference # ST36724 arranging and packaging travel following specifics terms and/or clients wish – as such as MiamiPlus1 is governed by business laws and ethics regulation.
  • MiamiPlus1 will obey thru the rules and regulation of each and every of its selected and subcontracted service suppliers: hotels, restaurants & bars, transportation, museum, rentals, guided tours, attractions and any venues that might have been contracted within an established MiamiPlus1 program.
  • Deposit is required to guarantee definitively any reservation. MiamiPlus1 will be acting as the paying agent to every supplier unless otherwise specified in an addendum agreement highlighting specifically payment of suppliers and entitled commissions to MiamiPlus1.
  •  Deposit of 50% of the expected gross income shall be received by MiamiPlus1 at least 90 days prior to scheduled arrival date.
  • Deposit will be accepted in a form of wire transfer, money order (to be retrieved in a major American finance institution) or checks made in US dollars – foreign checks are accepted in US dollars in a form of a certified bank check
  •  Full balance of a contracted MiamiPlus1 tours & programs is due before tour arrival beginning
  • The number of participants of a contracted MiamiPlus1’s tour or program shall be announced 1 week prior scheduled arrival date and will serve as basis of final [group travel package] billing.
  • MiamiPlus1 tours or programs are billed as complete travel package NOT on a per participants basis.
  •  Any modification – reduction or increase – of the number of participants to an established tour will have an impact on the tour cost and will create from every subcontracted service suppliers a readjustment of their billing. Therefore any variation of the numbers of clients which will have served to calculate the final bill of a MiamiPlus1’s tour or program will have to be entirely recalculated cost wise and might, (if variation of a significant number of clients was to occur) be rearranged altogether.
  •  MiamiPlus1 will not be responsible for any cost increase when number of participants have been modified from original contracted function as it will be clients own prerogative, choice or decision.
  •   MiamiPlus1 is expecting to receive extra funds to pay for tours or programs reorganizations prior to scheduled starting date
  •   MiamiPlus1 is an equal opportunity company and will never discriminate its clients, employees, subcontractors on the basis of sexual gender, religion, age, pregnancy, medical condition, and mental and or physical handicap.
  • Any specifics as of diet, food regime, allergies, physical and/or mental handicap, mobility issues, or any other impairment  needed to be taken in consideration to fully participate and enjoy a MiamiPlus1’s tour and/or program will have to be announced – in writing – at least 30 days prior to beginning of the scheduled tour.
  •  MiamiPlus1 will make sure to the best of its ability that all arrangements for its customer will be adequately answered after specific conditions, which could challenged some participants to fully appreciate a contracted MiamiPlus1’s tour or program, will have been clearly announced – in writing – at least 30 days prior to beginning of the scheduled tour.
  •  MiamiPlus1 does not take any responsibilities nor will guarantee that its subcontracted service suppliers will be able to respond adequately to any physical and/or mental handicap, any particular conditions related to eating, sleeping, and being transported. Sport event, Museums, art exhibits and other shows proposed by MiamiPlus1 tours and programs are designed for a legal adult (over 18 years of age) public and are no responsible for any of the above events contents, views and opinions. Children arrangements will be dealt on a case by case basis
  •  MiamiPlus1 will revised accordingly tour program feasibility, contract and cost.
  • If extra expenses are necessary to accommodate specifics of any challenged participants, MiamiPlus1 will need to receive extra funds to cover such cost prior to beginning of the tour.
  •  Weather conditions can affect MiamiPlus1 tours & programs and will be dealt on a case by case basis. MiamiPlus1 will always proposed to tour leader an alternative option in case weather conditions will not allow outdoors activities.
  •  In case of cancellation by our customers:
  • 120 days prior to the scheduled beginning tour: 95% of deposit collected will be refunded or reapply to future visit.
  • 90days prior to the scheduled beginning tour:  75% of deposit collected will be refunded or reapply to future visit
  • 60 days prior to the scheduled beginning tour: 50% of deposit collected will be refunded or reapply to future visit
  • Cancellation announced within less than 60 days no refund.
  • In case tour has to be postponed and rescheduled, 98% of collected deposit will be reassigned to the new tour. MiamiPlus1 will hold a 2% administrative fees and data’s cancellation as penalty.
  • However new contract will be reestablished and cost and sale price recalculated. MiamiPlus1 could not guarantee price will be unchanged as South Florida is a seasonal destination and every of our services suppliers have their prices changing following time of year, time of the month, time of week and time of day
  • Non respect of our terms and conditions will result in tour cancellation without any deposit refund
  • In case MiamiPlus1 will be mandated to finalize  [Hotel/villa/Lodging]'s accomodations reservation , these conditions will be amended  to include  [Hotel/villa/Lodging]'s  sales’ terms