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Night Clubing, Lounging, Bar tour:
Seems an easy one !?!

Think again.
Throwing a party or be part of one is often considered as the highlight of the day. Yet, one "faux pas" and "Badaboom": everything collapse , The music was not what was expected , The "hip club" is not trendy any more,  the doorman was rude, the drinks were pricey, etc, etc..Better get prepared and better have the evening carefully planned : We are here to help.

 For  the "Unofficial Capital of Latin America", FiESTA is always the way of life! Salsa, Merengue, Latin rock or Afro-Cuban; every Latin music, Latin style and Latin ambience are present and mix into a special blend giving Miami its unique Sound: "Coyote Ugly" with a Latin twist ...And get ready for the late party, we mean the very late party !

 Night Life was always part of the Magic City's DNA. Even since the 1910's when the first jetsetters set foot on this promising land,  big bands, alcohol, parties came right along and nothing was most famous for the newyorkers' insiders than the "MOON OVER MIAMI" Ball.

Renamed after the Big Apple “the city that never sleeps” , Night-temples would close way past 5:00 am.  So many clubs, so many bars, so many lounges and ever so changing...One must need the "passeword of the day" to  find its way in as most often, back door prevails to the main entrance...

Part of the big names circuit, Miami is  the official host  to the Music Conference,(and the famous ULTRA parties!) where all the DJ's of the world compete while presenting exclusivity to our city’s' ears their latest and future Electronica, Hip-Hop and  Latin-pop sounds!   

Table with champagne could be ready in seconds in any Clubs' VIP section, courtesy of MIAMIPLUS1.

PS: We got the keys!

2014/2015 average Miami nightclub Host table/bottle packages. Enjoy.

MIAMI BOTTLE SERVICE GUIDELINE 2014(can be modifie anytime based on special event and "hot" parties.)

Nightclub Packages Prices
Bardot up to 5 $165 – $300+ packages
Bed 4 people per bottle Depend on party size, bottle/dinner choice
Blue Martini Miami 4-5 people per bottle $250 + / bottle
Cameo 6-10 People $1500-$3000/ Inc. entry, etc
Electric Pickle 1-2 people per bottle $200-$300 packages
Gold Rush 5 People $250+ per Bottle
Karu & Y 1-3 people per bottle $ 325+/ per bottle
Liv Nightclub Call for Details Call for Details
Louis Tables are Sold Out $275 + per Bottle
Love/Hate 4 people per bottle $180-$275 per bottle
Mansion 6-10 People $1500-$4000/ Inc. entry, etc
Nikki Beach 1-3 people per bottle $ 350+/ per bottle
The Shelborne 6 people max 4 btl min/ $200+ per bottle
Set 6-20 people per bottle $1500-$5000 packages
Club Space 4-6 people per bottle $ 400-$1000 packages
 + check Our favorite RoofTop Lounges Plunge @ the Perry 
HighBar @ Dream   

{Your Direct access to Miami nightclub hosts. The way it should be.}

Nightclub Contact Email Phone
Bayfront Park Jose Solano jsolano@miamigov.com             305-358-7550      
Bardot Call btw 4-9 website             305-576-6996      
B.E.D. Jackie Call btw 11-7             305-532-9070      
Blue Martini Miami Vania Giordano vaniag@bluemartinilounge.com             305-321-3044      
Cameo Rob Robp@theopiumgroup.com             973-277-4869      
Electric Pickle Sarah info@electricpickle.com             305-456-5613      
Fountainbleau Paula Gomez website             305-538-2000      
Gold Rush Call btw 11am-10 pm website             305-358-9848      
Karu & Y Clive Seecomar cliveseecomar@hotmail.com             786-448-4442      
LIV Nightclub
Freddi LaGrassa flagrassa@fontainebleau.com             786-422-4509      
Louis Call btw 4-9 info@louismiami.com             305-531-4600      
Love/Hate Christian rsvplovehate@gmail.com             305-695-8616      
Mansion Rob Robp@theopiumgroup.com             973-277-4869      
Nikki Beach Mary mary@nikkibeach.com             786-515-1152      
The Ritz Carlton Michelle Payer michelle.payer@ritzcarlton.com             786-470-3424      
Set Rob Robp@theopiumgroup.com             973-277-4869      
The Setai Philippe Parodi pparodi@ghmamericas.com             305-520- 6000      
Shelborne Miguel Contreras miguel@shelborne.com             305-531-8416      
Club Space Tiffani tiffani@clubspacevip.com             786-357-6456      
Club Twist Valentino Eriksen twistboys@aol.com             305-538-9478      

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