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Transportation Coordination

Over the past decade, Miami has become one of the widest American cities; you will drive hours and still be within city limits!
MIAMIPLUS1 is proud to have partnered up with the most professional transportation companies and care rental enterprises. Do not hesitate to use our knowledge to book busses, limousines, water taxis, minivans,  SUV, luxury vehicles, helicopters, jets etc...

Transfer & personalized  Meet & Greet  with Suburban Chevrolet (Up to 6 passengers):  (rate guideline 2014/2015)
  • From Miami Airport to any Miami Hotels or Villa : $225.00 + 10% gratuities
  • From Miami Hotel to Miami International Airport: $195.00  + 10% gratuities
  • From Miami Hotel to Miami Seaport : $150.00  + 10% gratuities
  • From Miami Seaport to Miami Airport : $175.00  + 10% gratuities
  • From Miami Hotel to Ft Lauderdale Port Everglades: $250.00  + 10% gratuities
  • From Ft Lauderdale Port Everglades to Miami Airport: $205.00  + 10% gratuities
  • From Miami Airport to Ft Lauderdale hotels : $245.00  + 10% gratuities
  • Chauffeur/Certified Guide (bi-lingual French/English) : $675,00/up to 5hours - $850,00/up to 8hours- $950,00/up to 10hours- $1200,00/up to 16hours. + 10% fee ( gratuities, cout d'agence, etc...)
 Disclaimer : MiamiPlus1 is not a limousine / taxi company and  will not act as such.MiamiPlus is a seller of travel / destinationation management Co registered and licensed with Florida Agriculture and tourism department of Thalahassee under registration # ST36724.

GROUP'S TRANSPORATION  :We will coordinate your entire trip staring from  airport pickup to any transfers' needs throughout your stay.

Check out our amazing fleet and ask us for custom quote!